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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball
May 27, 2021
The SIERRA MODERN Plano Long Oval Platter (Gold) in a brilliant champagne tone boasts a richly textured, fabric-inspired surface and generous serving area. With its distinctive shape and notched handle, it is reminiscent of an artist's palette. Perfectly flat and designed for serving cheese and charcuterie, it will add a modern touch to your home. One of the designer’s favorite new items, it is sure to be one of yours, too. Dishwasher safe!

Beatriz Ball&...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball
May 25, 2021
"Sophisticated elegance" is phrase that one trend-spotter used to describe the GIFTABLES Sierra Modern Python Tray from Beatriz Ball. The sensational small tray in gunmetal is enlivened by a richly textured snakeskin surface set off by polished gold-tone handles that hug the edges. The piece looks gorgeous on the coffee table, chest of drawers, or desk and brings a sense of luxe to any environment. Sized to hold guest towels, too.

Food- and dishwasher-safe, ...Read more of post

Jason Solarek picture
May 26, 2021 • 07:29 AM
Jason at Bridge:
Nice texture

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball
May 21, 2021
Time to graduate to a new level of sophistication!

Beatriz Ball’s shimmering GIFTABLES Sierra Croc Frame in a champagne gold tone features a sumptuously textured crocodile-inspired surface rendered fresh and new with a proprietary metallic finish. Designed to display a 4x6 photo (vertically or horizontally), the eye-catching frame looks stunning on a grad’s desk, shelf, or side table. The delightfully decorative piece adds a modern new edge to Beatriz Ball...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball
May 20, 2021
Beatriz Ball's SIERRA MODERN Small Rectangular Triple Dip (Gold) is fabulously functional. With three generous wells, the gold-tone piece is perfect on the bar for cocktail garnishes like cut lemons, limes and olives.

Its richly textured surface is made unique and fresh with a proprietary metallic gold finish that adds a hint of glam to any serving situation. This triple dip offers stylish design, with elegant practicality.

Food- and dishwasher-safe, decorative...Read more of post

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Mallory Labit at Beatriz Ball
May 17, 2021
A coastal cutie!

Beatriz Ball's gleaming GIFTABLES Ocean Crab Wine Coaster is topped by a sculptural miniature crab. Ideal gift for the coastal wine lover, and sure to become a beach house favorite. Designed to hold a wine bottle, the versatile item can also be used for serving nuts or other little nibbles.

Beatriz Ball's GIFTABLES Collection features the best design elements of its bestselling collections in compact sizes, all boxed for effortless gifting....Read more of post

May 14, 2021


Jacque and Nick in Phoenix just opened a wedding registry with us. We look forward to serving them in their special journey together.

Message our wedding specialists for tips and suggestions or call: 303-954-8333

May 13, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"My fiance and I went to the store to register and worked with Lily and Abby and had such a special experience! They were so helpful and provided great insights on the products and what would be most useful for the years to come. Their products are very unique and can't be found elsewhere! Everything was so memorable and their online registry platform has made it so easy to add or take away items!"
~Lauren B.

May 13, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"I was introduced to white peacock when shopping for my wedding registry. They have all the brands I was looking for and being able to go to a storefront close by made it even sweeter. I had a blast working with Doug picking out my wedding registry. Most of our guests were from out of town so also being able to easily shop online was another bonus! The staff is so personal and friendly, it has become our go-to store for anything special."
~Emily G.

May 13, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"“From the moment you are greeted in the store to the personalized emails you receive after a gift is purchased on your wedding registry, White Peacock has perfectly edited our wedding registry. The experience is much more unique and personalized than the point-and-click big box store registration process. A big plus is being able to sync items electronically through our wedding website for out of town guests to purchase. I firmly believe in supporting Denver local businesses and White Peacock is a welcome addition to our city filled with beautiful, lasting things that bring us joy with every use.”"
~Whitney T.

May 13, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

""I cannot say enough amazing things about White Peacock! When I first started thinking about my wedding registry, formal china did not even cross my mind, as I thought this was something people don't do anymore. I stumbled upon White Peacock and quickly realized that formal china can still look modern and stylish. With the help of Lily and Doug, I was able to have a fun day in the store with friends and family, picking out a beautiful table setting that matched my style. Classic plates paired with funky chargers and napkins really brought my table setting to life that felt age-appropriate for me. We registered at a few different places but quickly realized that our guests were buying most of our gifts from White Peacock. I believe our guests loved buying from somewhere unique and local. Most of them felt this was something that they could gift which we would have forever and carry more meaning. I truly have been blown away by everyone who works at White Peacock. They have made everything so easy and fun during the process. Even though our wedding is over, I feel so special anytime I walk in the store and know I will be a lifelong customer!""
~Emily S.

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